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Model: IDXETS1836240
The Adesso Slim Touch Mini Keyboard combines the control of an integrated touchpad with the features of a standard keyboard to provide a small, yet powerful input device. The touchpad includes a scrolling area that scrolls up and down for faster browsing. The Adesso SlimTouch Mini Keyboard is perfec..
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Model: IDXETS1927197
The Adesso Win-Touch Pro Keyboard features a built-in touchpad with Glidepoint Technology that provides you with great cursor control. The touchpad eliminates the need for a mouse, making it easier than ever to control your PC from one location -- your keyboard! The keyboard features quiet tactile k..
$76.05 Ex Tax:$76.05
Adesso AKB-600HB - 19-Key Mechanical Keypad with 3-Port USB Hub
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Model: IDXETS5097916
The Adesso AKB-600HB is no ordinary keypad. It got the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and utility. The built in 3 port USB hub provides you with easy access for your input devices like flash drives or mice. It is the perfect edition for your laptops because the combination of the keypad..
$57.87 Ex Tax:$57.87
Model: IDXETS5140204
The Adesso AKB-601UB spill resistant 18-key keypad is the keypad that you deserve to have for many reason. To begin with, it is extremely compact and lightweight which makes it extremely portable. Its membrane key switch also provides a quiet typing experience that lasts up to five million keystroke..
$37.73 Ex Tax:$37.73
Adesso AKB-636UB Desktop Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard
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Model: IDXETS4771784
Retro Design Keyboard Mechanical Key Switch Tactile and Audible Response Spill Resistant Adjustable Keyboard Height Adjustable HeightSpill ResistantTactile and Audible Response for improved accuracyMechanical Typewriter Keyboard..
$156.62 Ex Tax:$156.62
Model: IDXETS2079087
The 18 Key Waterproof Keypad offers desktop & notebook users the instant benefit of a full-sized external numeric keypad in a compact format. With its water-proof silicone material, you donâ„¢t have to worry about damaging the keyboard because you canâ„¢t! You could spill a beverage on it and all yo..
$37.89 Ex Tax:$37.89
Adesso EasyTouch 425 - Rackmount Touchpad Keyboard
Out Of Stock
Model: IDXETS5140203
Compact 1U Design with Built-in GlidePoint TouchPad (By Cirque) Membrane Key Switch Embedded Multimedia and Internet Hotkeys Plug-and-Play Compact 1U Design - This keyboard is designed according to EIA-RS-310C specification, which is considered the standard specification for 19" racks. This makes th..
$97.25 Ex Tax:$97.25
Model: IDXETS4623568
Adesso EasyTouch 630SB Smart Card Reader Keyboard with SCR features a 104-key keyboard layout with a built-in Smart Card Reader (SCR) for identification systems, secure web applications, and secure login.This is the perfect Point of Sale Keyboard with security and multi-functional abilities. This fu..
$75.20 Ex Tax:$75.20
Model: IDXETS4623569
The Adesso AKB-630UB antimicrobial waterproof desktop keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users looking for a solid keyboard that will work in an environment potentially exposed to liquids, moisture, dust or germ, such as School, Restaurant, Bank, Medical Clinic, Office, POS, Industry and warehouse..
$50.61 Ex Tax:$50.61
Model: IDXETS486919
These industrial keyboards are designed according to EIA-RS-310C specifications for standard 19" rackmount cabinets. Industrial PC keyboards offer a flexible selection of full-size keyboards to meet any industrial application requirements. The 1U drawer style models allow for space conservation and ..
$109.13 Ex Tax:$109.13
Model: IDXETS2507514
The stylish design of this mini keyboard compliments any desktop or laptop. Users can connect with their PC through a USB or PS/2 connector, without the hassle of installing a driver. Users can take pleasure in typing in comfort with membrane keys whether working or playing online games. It includes..
$56.55 Ex Tax:$56.55
Model: IDXETS4977226
The Adesso AKB-133CB Desktop USB Multimedia Keyboard and mouse combo is a great choice for users who want a stylish designed keyboard along with a mouse for home and office use. The keyboardâ„¢s Hotkeys provide quick access to your media player controls and other computer applications. The 3 button ..
$40.01 Ex Tax:$40.01
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