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Adesso Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Model: IDXETS4133063
Mechanical Key Switch Keyboard N-key Rollover Windows Key Lock and Multimedia Hotkeys 50 Million Keystrokes 50 Million Keystrokes This keyboard can handle 50 million keystrokes and is able to register each stroke in real time to a users system. This is an essential feature for institutions that use ..
$127.80 Ex Tax:$127.80
Model: IDXETS486904
The ACK-540 Mini-Touch Keyboard provides an 88-key layout with an embedded numeric keypad, 12 dedicated function keys and built-in touchpad technology, in a small compact size. The keyboardâ„¢s touchpad offers precise cursor control and left and right mouse buttons, eliminating the need for a mouse...
$97.25 Ex Tax:$97.25
Model: IDXETS1090009
Introducing the new and improved Tru-Form Media by Adesso. Its contoured and has a split key design for ergonomic comfort. The Adesso Tru-Form Media has multimedia keys that make this keyboard a comfortable, multi-featured keyboard that combines a host of Windows and Multimedia keys in a comfortable..
$63.33 Ex Tax:$63.33
Model: IDXETS3958010
The Adesso AKB-110EB 3-Color Illuminated Mini Keyboard is perfect for those who find themselves working late at night in dim or dark lighting environments. This keyboard features Illuminated backlit keys in 3 colors- Green, Blue and Red which can be accessed quickly and conveniently with a touch of ..
$59.09 Ex Tax:$59.09
Model: IDXETS3881137
The Adesso AKB-120EB-3-Color Illuminated Compact Multimedia keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users who work late at night and love hotkeys. This stylishly designed keyboard features eye-soothing backlit illuminated keys in red, green, and blue -- 3 colors which can be switched easily with one to..
$59.09 Ex Tax:$59.09
Model: IDXETS4259084
Designed for outdoor or mobile settings, this hyper-flexible compact-sized wireless keyboard is wireless, easily packed away, cleaned with soap and water, and accessible whenever you need it. The keyboard is made with antimicrobial material that protects against germ buildups between washings. The k..
$51.86 Ex Tax:$51.86
Model: IDXETS3538565
Designed for outdoor or mobile settings, this hyper-flexible full-sized keyboard can be easily packed away, cleaned with soap and water, and accessible whenever you need it. The keyboard is made with antimicrobial material that protects against germ buildups between washings. The keyboard has a USB ..
$38.28 Ex Tax:$38.28
Adesso SlimTouch 4040 - Wireless Illuminated Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad
Out Of Stock
Model: IDXETS5140208
The Adesso Wireless illuminated Keyboard with built-in touchpad is a great palmed sized multimedia keyboard. Its compact size and portability makes it ideal for users in mobile environment and for those with minimal system set ups such as android boxes and smart TVs. Its auto sleep and wake up funct..
$57.87 Ex Tax:$57.87
Model: IDXETS2779514
2.4GHz RF Wireless Technology with 12 Channels (65,000 IDs per Channel) Wireless Range: 30 feet (10M) Keyboard Layout: 104-Key US Layout Keyboard Switch Life Cycles:� 5 million cycles2.4 GHz RF wireless technology - With 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology and 65000 IDs on 12 channels you can enjoy 30 ..
$127.80 Ex Tax:$127.80
Model: IDXETS2529762
The Adesso SlimTouch Desktop Keyboard features an integrated touchpad with GlidePoint touchpad technology. The touchpad can take the place of your mouse, making it easier to control the movement of the cursor in your personal computer. The keyboard features low profile quiet tactile membrane keys an..
$87.08 Ex Tax:$87.08
Model: IDXETS4500999
Wireless Technology Works up to 30 feet of wireless distance. Operates on 12 different channels, each with 65,536 different IDs. Desktop full size Full size keyboard provides better typing experience. Ergonomic Contour Design Minimizes forearm muscles from twisting and pains from Carpal Tunnel Syndr..
$131.18 Ex Tax:$131.18
Model: IDXETS5010987
Wireless Technology, Ergonomic Contour Design, Split Key Design, Integrated Palm Rest, Membrane Switch, Built-in Trackball with Optical Sensor, Built-In Scroll Wheel, Removable Trackball, Auto Sleep and Power On/Off Switch, Nano Receiver, Compact and PortableCompact and Portable - Ultimate space sav..
$104.04 Ex Tax:$104.04
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