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Adesso MiniTouch ACK-540UB Keyboard

Adesso MiniTouch ACK-540UB Keyboard
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The ACK-540 Mini-Touch Keyboard provides an 88-key layout with an embedded numeric keypad, 12 dedicated function keys and built-in touchpad technology, in a small compact size. The keyboardâ„¢s touchpad offers precise cursor control and left and right mouse buttons, eliminating the need for a mouse. The keyboardâ„¢s integrated touchpad is conveniently located in a central position on the built-in wrist rest for additional comfort and minimul wrist strain. The keyboard is also compact and portable, so you can take with you just about anywhere.

  • Compact & Portable - This mini keyboard is designed with a Windows? key layout and features an embedded numeric keypad, for easy data inputting. The keyboard is less than 12" wide and is a great space saver, it is ideal for use in POS, kiosks, warehouses,manufacturing environments or in any other small working area.
  • Built-In Touchpad - The Mini-Touch Keyboard built-in touchpad eliminates the need for a mouse and saves valuable desk space. The Glidepoint? Touchpad puts computer control at your fingertips. Navigate,scroll, zoom and access files all with just a light touch of the finger.
  • Membrane Keys - The membrane keys offer you fast typing, a great tactical response and a lifecycle of more than five million keystrokes.

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