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C2G 6in 7-pin 180 to 90 1-Device Serial ATA Cable

C2G 6in 7-pin 180 to 90 1-Device Serial ATA Cable
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When connecting serial ATA devices to your motherboard or host controller, you want a permanent solution. The last thing you need is a cable that could fatigue, or even fail over time, because of bending or stress occurring right at the critical connection. Our angled connectors deliver the cable at a more desired angle and are fortified to keep the cable lined up straight. So you'll see less cable bend and fatigue for longer cable life.

SATA 3.0 compatible with transfer rates up to 6 Gbps! This serial ATA cable is especially designed to handle the differential signals implemented in today's technology, while delivering increased throughput and reduced data packet loss.

  • For exceptional quality, upright compatibility and reliability use this Data Transfer Cable
  • Features SATA cable type
  • Features Angled Connector

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