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Kensington SecureBack Rugged Case for Square Readers

Kensington SecureBack Rugged Case for Square Readers
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Designed to protect your iPad® from just about anything in a mobile point-of-sale environment, the Kensington SecureBack™ Rugged Case for Square™ Readers provides integrated protection for the Square chip and contactless reader, and the Square magstripe reader. The dual layer construction offers maximum drop protection while the raised bezel edging guards against screen scratches. The rotating hand strap and shoulder strap make it easy to carry, and a built-in anchor lets you quickly attach a ClickSafe® lock (sold separately) to deter any theft attempts.

  • Rugged Dual Layer Construction offers maximum protection for your iPad and connected readers using a strong,
  • cushioned layer of rubber with a raised bezel edge to protect the corners, back and screen from drops, bumps and scratches
  • Integrated Reader Protection provides durable protection for the Square chip and contactless reader, and support for
  • the Square magstripe reader
  • Rotating Hand Strap & Padded Shoulder Strap make it convenient to hold and use with the flexibility to
  • accommodate vertical or horizontal viewing, and hands-free carrying
  • Non-Slip Grip provided by the rubberized texture makes the case easier to hold and prevents it from sliding off a table
  • or desk
  • Tamper Prevention Cover Plates provide additional security for the power button and volume controls, reducing
  • chances of an unauthorized user gaining access, while also keeping ports dust-free

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